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Seriously Loco Soccer Pod

Jun 18, 2019

Phil, Mikka and Chris break down the secret kit drop in Tulsa which just so happened to precede a solid 2-0 win for the Locos. They also weep openly about the injury to Mechack in the Gold Cup and talk trash about New Mexico (I mean, answer listener questions)

Jun 12, 2019

Phil, Mikka, and Daniel look forward to the Bieber-Cruise bout, break down a solid but slightly off-kilter performance from Locomotive featuring another set of braces from the Orthodontist, answer listener questions, look into FC Juarez's purchase of a Liga MX license and much more.

Jun 5, 2019

Phil, Austin, Mikka, and Christian get together and break down the win in Tacoma and then sit down with Calvin Rezende, the match winner himself. Phil also works in LFC's Champions League win as many times as possible.