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Seriously Loco Soccer Pod

May 14, 2021

Phil, Mikka and Christian get together to discuss the initial panic and the relief that followed surrounding Logan Ketterer's move to Portland Timbers under MLS' Extreme Hardship rules. The crew also discuss El Paso Locomotive's options during Logan's absence.

May 11, 2021

Phil, Mikka, Austin and Christian get together and talk about Willy Wonka's POS grandpa, the draw against NMU that felt like a win but was also disappointing, big games for Nick Ross and Bryam Rebellon, the promise of Diego Luna, and then look ahead to Rio Grande Valley

May 7, 2021

Phil, Mikka, Christian, and Austin join up and talk recent USL results, do an in-depth preview of the USL Championship season opener for El Paso Locomotive v. New Mexico United, rare confidence and Drums v. Flats.