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Seriously Loco Soccer Pod

Aug 26, 2021

Phil and Christian are back and take a look at Bahner's walkoff in Albuquerque and the inevitable comeback against RGV lead by Mechack, Lucho and Sebastian. Plus we look at the context of Locomotive's form and the upcoming match against a rusty SAFC

Aug 10, 2021

Phil and Mikka are back and reflect on the tragedy that struck the 8th Notch and El Paso Locomotive family, and then the performance that honored his legacy. A Shoutout to a visitor to the SWUP. Then it's a look ahead to the Derby on Saturday against New Mexico United.

Aug 3, 2021

Phil and Mikka try to keep up with the pace of El Paso Locomotive's games in the USL Championship. They review the performance that saw Sebastian Velasquez wonderfully assist JAG for the opener, and a brace from Lucho Solignac. Then it's looking ahead to the SAFC rematch at the SWUP one week after the win in San Antonio.